CLASSES - Rev. Ginny Brown
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Classes are added often, please check back and join the mailing list for most up to date information.

Boundaries for Empaths

6/28 East West Bookstore FREE

Do you feel overwhelmed when you tune in to other peoples emotions? As an empath you have a profound ability to connect to other people emotionally, often times you don't know how to disconnect or control this ability. This can make it hard to separate your feelings from the people around you. In this workshop, we will explore how the naturally empathic person can protect themselves with practical tools from those who project their energy. Come explore this psychic gift along with techniques to build healthy boundaries without losing touch with the world. Collaboration with Bonnie Ho psychic and founder of spiritual blog

Discover Your Psychic Gift

6/29 1pm-4pm $30 EastWest Bookstore

Have people told you that you are psychic or that you are very intuitive? The great news is we are all born psychic, but the conditioning of life can dilute these powers. In this fun, interactive workshop, you'll connect with your psychic senses and discover the ability that is your innate gift. Using playful group exercises, you will learn what it's like to use your and psychic compass. You'll leave with a sense of trust for your psychic and intuitive abilities and have a better understanding of what it's like to receive your own information. Collaboration with Bonnie Ho psychic and founder of spiritual blog

Astrology 101

Tues $250 7/23- 8/10 1527 Baker St 7pm-9pm

For over 2000 years we have looked to the patterns observed in the sky for answers. Astrology has been used as a tool for prediction and discovery for the individual as well as to understand the trends in our culture. In this class we will explore what we can learn about our personality, life path, and relationships through astrology. We will explore the meaning of the astrological signs, houses, planets, and how they influence our expression of self in this life. This is a playful opportunity to explore a special code that was written in the sky above at the unique time of your birth.

Ignite Your Creative Energy

EastWest in Mtn View 8/16 7-930pm

Do you feel called to create? Are you often inspired but have a hard time taking action? When inspiration strikes it carries a life force of its own, urging us to go on a journey alongside it, however, blocks to applying this energy can arise making this creative space feel unattainable or dim. Learn how to harness and use your creative energy and remove blocks that keep your idea from becoming conscious action. Learn tools to navigating any dead end and how to re-inspire yourself through difficulty.

4 Week Meditation Series

Tues 8/20- 9/10 $250 1527 Baker St 7pm-9pm

A 4-week meditation series designed to reduce stress and anxiety by creating a foundational meditation practice that gives you real results. Learn how to ground through your body, develop boundaries, and create with conscious intention. This class is a mix of meditation, exercises, and discussion. A collaboration with Jamie Lieber L.Ac.

The Art of Letting Go

EastWest Mtn View 9/19 730-9pm

Do you have a hard time letting go? Do you tend to hold on to people, things, conversations, or life events? When we hold on, we are holding ourselves back. Learn the cause and effect of holding on and how to let go in a compassionate way for yourself. Learn how to walk away from baggage and how to hold onto to the life lesson. When we cleanse our energy field it allows for us to invite in fresh energy and new experiences, allowing us to shift into the vibration of receptivity and love.

Feng Shui Life Map

2020 TBD

In this workshop, we will be focusing on nine major areas of life and getting clear about what we want and how to bring to fruition. We will create a vision board using Feng Shui to have our energy flow throughout the year toward the intentions we set in the categories below. We have designed meditations for each section to help clarify your intent and highlight any places that are in resistance or doubt. Collaboration with Jamie Lieber L. Ac.

For more information or to sign up please email me here.