CLASSES - Rev. Ginny Brown
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Classes are added often, please check back and join the mailing list for most up to date information.

Surviving the Holidays

EastWest Mtn View 11/21 $20 Online 11/26 730-9pm

Does the holiday season bring up feelings of grief and loss? Do you find this time of year difficult and hard to manage emotionally? For many of us the holiday season can be an emotional rollercoaster, bringing up old patterns, family issues, and loss. Join us for an empowering talk on how to set your energy for managing the stress inviting a new way to experience this impactful time of year. G

4 Week Meditation Series

A 4-week meditation series designed to reduce stress and anxiety by creating a foundational meditation practice that gives you real results. Learn how to ground through your body, develop boundaries, and create with conscious intention. This class is a mix of meditation, exercises, and discussion. A collaboration with Jamie Lieber L.Ac.

Feng Shui Life Map

2020 TBD

In this workshop, we will be focusing on nine major areas of life and getting clear about what we want and how to bring to fruition. We will create a vision board using Feng Shui to have our energy flow throughout the year toward the intentions we set in the categories below. We have designed meditations for each section to help clarify your intent and highlight any places that are in resistance or doubt. Collaboration with Jamie Lieber L. Ac.

For more information or to sign up please email me here.