CLASSES - Rev. Ginny Brown
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Classes are added often, please check back and join the mailing list for most up to date information.

Feng Shui Life Map

1/25 10AM-2PM $175 @Nuturing Life Clinic SF

In this workshop, we will be focusing on nine major areas of life and getting clear about what we want and how to bring to fruition. We will create a vision board using Feng Shui to have our energy flow throughout the year toward the intentions we set in the categories below. We have designed meditations for each section to help clarify your intent and highlight any places that are in resistance or doubt. Collaboration with Jamie Lieber L. Ac.

Emo Dojo

Tues 2/4- 3/24 7-830 $175 Online

When big events happen in our life we tend to set aside the emotional body in order to survive. The emotional body holds the memory of these events and when the emotion gets provoked we can feel a tidal wave of reactions stemming from what is left unprocessed. In this 8 week series, we will bring the emotional body into the present time by releasing it from its past. We will explore our relationship to fear, guilt, shame, grief, joy, anger, and love. A healthy and present emotional body allows us to experience the wonder and thrill of the human experience.

Unlocking the Power of Forgiveness

2/20 730-9 $30 @EastWest Mtn View

Have you been holding onto an unfair event that happened because of another person? Perhaps you experienced an act of God that has left you confused by the outcome. When we have an experience that feels unwarranted, we sometimes hold onto it, seek retribution, or resent it. The lesson of forgiveness, though not usually understood, is in its mystical power to heal. Through a deeper understanding, you can turn forgiveness into an actual force of empowerment and liberation.

For more information or to sign up please email me here.