Counseling - Rev. Ginny Brown
Clairvoyant psychic readings and healing. Spiritual Counseling and practical insights. Daily live meditation courses. Services offered online or in person in San Francisco, California.
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After we wake up, we begin to question what comes next.

How We Work Together

Energy readings provide profound insight into your patterns.


However, integrating what you know is not always easy.


It can be very helpful to have more support as you embark on your transformational journey.


You may be asking yourself


How do I move through this?


How do I attract what I really want?


Once I get it what do I do with it?


With objectivity and compassion, I will help you see your role in your creation.


Together we will outline the areas that need healing and define the best practices and tools to support you.

This work offers you the freedom to choose your path with clarity and presence.


Giving you the ability to make more mindful choices.


Allowing for you to live authentically with a greater sense of your own creation.


This work is about shifting your consciousness and developing a new way of thinking and interacting in the world.


Through my personal ongoing journey, I have found that the more ways I find to express and heal the better.


This leads to a unique experience for my clients from journeying, meditation, art, physical exercises, free writing, acting, visualization, and more.


We will find a way to break through.

Sessions are available online

or in-person by appointment only email for availability


$150 per hour online

$160 per hour in-person