CEREMONIES - Rev. Ginny Brown
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Space and Object Clearing

Energy holds memory and emotion and can become stagnant inside an object or space. This can make you feel uneasy, restless, or ill when you are in contact with it.


We will uncover what kind of energy is stuck there and who it belongs to. We heal the place or object, release the bind, and perform a ceremonial cleansing to align and reset the energy.


Items like antiques, family heirlooms, art, homes, businesses, land, and jewelry may be holding energy from its past experiences or owners.


Events that hold heavy energy like death, divorce, separations, illness, injury, job loss, children leaving the home, and emotional stress can capture and hold energy.


When an object or space is cleared it invites the opportunity for the energy to reset and be in present time. Returning the space or object to a state that is harmonious and pleasant.

Pricing for this service varies, please contact me for an estimate.

This service is available remotely or in person.